Crane Visit to Nuance B&B

This is the video of the Sandhill Crane visit last evening…..came calling to let me know he and his partner are back for another summer. The partner is sitting on the nest….hopefully some new “colts” will be forthcoming. 🙂 The cranes are great companions….very polite…knock on the door when they visit. Don’t overstay their welcome or drink too much…..

Crane Visit

The Arrival Each year the same pair of cranes arrives in early Spring to nest, have “colts” and enjoy the summer with the naturist guests here at Nuance B&B. Yesterday, I received a visitor in the form of the male crane who stopped by to knock on the door and let me know he and his mate were here. (She is sitting on the nest). Very courteous and well-mannered these cranes…. The knock on the

The New Island Deck…Part 1

Last fall we began an ambitous project to convert the small (and eroding into the water) island into a multi-purpose deck. This involved transforming the swim raft into a construction platform and some tricky handling of large beams using a homemade boom to transfer from land to island. The island “before” construction work but with pilings installed. With help from Jan and Suzie, we cleared the island of all vegetation so we could begin the

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