Frequently Asked Questions

What is naturism?
Naturism, or nudism as it is sometimes called, is the practice of going nude.  While some see naturism and nudism synonymously,  I see naturism as clothes-free living with an emphasis on a connection with nature.  Swimming and walking nude, living nude outdoors are all  especially important parts of naturism.  Connecting with one’s partner in this context is so much more intimate than what social nudism offers.  “Social” aspects of living nude such as attending group events like dances or participating in organized activities like volleyball are important and there are some social activities at Nuance B&B but on a more relaxed and small scale…suitable for the greatest interaction with nature and each other.

What's the difference between clothes-free vs. clothing-optional?
Clothing-optional resorts or clubs allow visitors to remain dressed if they prefer, believing some people take more time to adjust to social nudism. At clothes-free resorts one is expected to be nude when weather and circumstances permit. Nuance B&B is a bit of a mix. We are a clothing-optional B&B with an emphasis on clothes-free living. Especially for first time naturists/nudists, there is the opportunity to become accustomed to the practice of being clothes-free without pressure or time constraints.
What are the benefits of living or vacationing nude?
At Nuance B&B, a key benefit is the ability to interact with nature…swim, walk, kayak, birdwatch or participate in other activities clothes-free. The sense of affinity with nature by interacting nude is remarkably powerful. Also, self-esteem is enhanced in the naturist/nudist world, where body acceptance is the norm. People are friendlier. Conversation seems to come easier. Many report the “time warp” phenomenon. A one day respite spent clothes-free seems to relax people more than an entire weekend elsewhere. Without clothes, stress seems to melt away. Every interaction seems more genuine….as skinnydipping is more genuine than swimming in a bathing suit….clothes-free living offers a true connection to nature and each other.
What about the connection between nudity and sex?
Naturism is about living clothes-free, not about sex or prurient behavior. One doesn’t behave any differently at Nuance B&B than one would at any quality resort…with the exception of no need for clothing. Being nude does not connote any kind of message about sexual availability to others or interest in sex. Naturism is about respect for oneself and others….always.
Why do people choose nude recreation?
A vibrancy about life, a sense of liberation. a joyous reconnection with the innocence of youth, for relaxation, stress relief, positive body image, and increasing self-esteem are just a few of the reasons people choose the nudist philosophy of living.
What kind of people are naturists?
You’ll find a cross section of society, with people representing all colors, religions, occupations, body types, age groups, and income brackets. Without clothes, however, it’s less likely you’ll know a bank president from a bus driver.
What kind of people are naturists?
You’ll feel right at home. Nudist environments are a reflection of society at large, with people of all shapes and sizes.
Can I take pictures?
You may take pictures of yourselves and any scenery. However, in the nudist environment, taking pictures of others requires their specific permission.
How many guests stay at Nuance B&B at one time?
Nuance has five guest rooms, so there will be at most eight to ten people onsite along with your host.