Island Project….continued…

Our first step was to determine whether the pilings (16′ 6×6 treated posts) I had inserted 25 years ago were still solid. A quick trip to the island with the rowboat seemed to confirm the posts were still solid.

I brought a rope to connect the posts on the island to posts I had installed on the shore as a guide rope, then Jan and Suzie, two friends, towed the swimming raft via the rowboat out to the shore side of the island.

Next, we put together a work party with chain saw, loppers, and shovels to clear the island of vegetation, fill some holes and generally make the island easier to work on. This was no small task and we ended up filling the raft with brush and debris from the island. We used the guide rope to bring the raft back to the shore and unloaded the raft to the tractor bucket for disposal.

Suzie and Jan with a load of cuttings/vegetation

We now had the island cleared, the posts accessible, a work platform (raft) which we could pull back and forth to the shore and a design for the deck. Although the island now looked a little forlorn, I wanted to get started. While the weather was still good there was time to get a lot done. Even though walking out on the ice to get to the deck may seem easier than pulling the raft….no one was excited about building a deck in 0 degree temps!

Bill Schroer

Naturist Biographical Sketch Bill Schroer Bill Schroer’s background includes 15 years of strategy/marketing/research with corporations including the Kellogg Company. He started the WJSchroer Co. in 1987, providing research and consulting for nonprofit and public sector organizations. The WJSchroer Co. is headquartered at Two West Michigan, a building in Battle Creek owned and managed (since 1993) by Bill. Bill is no stranger to clothes-free activities. He is a long time naturist and advocate for nudism/naturism, naturist resorts, acceptance of naturism on public lands and support for the right to be nude in one’s home and on private property. He is the former Executive Director for the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). He served for 5 years as a member of the Naturist Action Committee (the last three years as its Treasurer). He is also a co-creator of the “Coming Out” series of written articles for AANR. Bill writes a weekly column for the Battle Creek Enquirer where he often addresses the issue of naturism, body acceptance and naturist rights. He has also written articles on naturism travel for “N” magazine. He has initiated and continues “Clothing Optional Dinners” in his home on an almost weekly basis where non-naturists mingle with naturists for the purpose of better understanding of naturism while providing a comfortable environment for those interested in experiencing naturism on a small but meaningful scale. Bill has a B.A. from the University of Wyoming and MBA from Western Michigan University. Bill served in the military as a Special Forces team leader, as an instructor at West Point and retired with the rank of Major from the Reserve Forces. Bill has received numerous marketing and research awards over the past 25 years. He was named Marketer of the Year in 1999 by the West Michigan Chapter of the American Marketing Association

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