Nuance Naturist B&B Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Covid-19 is still among us and the CDC advises new variants including BA-4 and BA-5 may be
increasing in transmissibility this summer. As a result of the continuing threat of Covid-19 we
have made the decision to require all guests to be vaccinated and current with boosters.
Although this may be a slight inconvenience for some the close quarters of a Bed and Breakfast
require we be considerate and proactive regarding the health and safety of all guests.
Jan and I are fully vaccinated and up to date on our boosters and we believe by insuring all guests
are vaccinated we can all relax and enjoy the amenities and fellowship of Nuance Naturist B&B
throughout the year.
Please call me if you have any questions regarding our policy on Covid-19.
Stay safe!

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