Nuance Naturist B&B Health and Safety Alert

Health and Safety Alert

At Nuance Naturist B&B we are entirely focused on the experience of our guests and our
priority, always, is your health and safety. Considering the evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
situation, we are focused on the health and safety of all our guests and employees, without
compromising the quality of your experience when you stay with us.
We are adhering to the latest information, protocols and tools from the world’s leading health
experts and government authorities – including the World Health Organization, the Centers
for Disease Control as well as state and county officials– to maximize the effectiveness of our
We have taken the following precautionary measures to ensure your wellbeing, along with that
of your fellow travelers and our employees:

  1. Upon arrival we will ask you to submit to a temperature check (using an infrared
    thermometer (takes about 5 seconds) and complete a short health survey.
  2. If you have any symptoms related to Covid-19 please do not check-in. You can easily
    re-book for another date with no penalty.
  3. While our cleaning procedures are and have been rigorous we will continue to use
    products which not only clean surfaces but disinfect surfaces.
  4. Frequent touch areas are those areas in the B&B used or touched most often by our
    staff and guests will be cleaned/disinfected on a frequent basis throughout the day.
  5. Beds at the B&B will be triple-sheeted to insure clean bedding without re-washing
  6. Wherever possible breakfast will be served outside and at separate tables. If breakfast is
    served inside, it will also be served at separate tables if possible.
  7. All employees are also subject to daily temperature checks and health screening.
  8. While normally guests at Nuance share bathrooms, I have reduced the amount of
    rooms available and provided an additional bathroom so that all guests will have sole
    use of a bathroom.
  9. We will be wearing face masks and practicing social distancing while serving breakfasts
    and when in the proximity of guests to help stop the spread of the virus.
  10. B&B guestrooms will remain out of order for three days following guest departure
    whenever possible.
  11. Face masks will be provided to guests. They are encouraged to wear them when in
    proximity of other guests. These masks will be sanitized after guest departure or they
    may be purchased.

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