Reservations MUST be made 48 Hours in Advance

For Reservations  Please Call:  (269) 986-2322

Cancellation Policy:

Reservations canceled within three days of arrival will not be charged a cancellation fee.

Reservations cancelled within 48 hours will be charged $125.

Reservations cancelled within 24 hours will be charged the entire stay.


Check out time is at 12:00 noon

Check in time is at 3:00 pm (No early check-ins without prior approval of Innkeeper)

Vaccination Status

All Guests must be vaccinated against Covid-19.  A vaccination card is accepted demonstration of current vaccination status.


We are not responsible for the weather but there are great activities at Nuance indoors and out.

There is no air-conditioning at Nuance Naturist B&B


We have no license to serve alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Operating Guidelines

Naturism is the approved way of life at Nuance B&B. All guests are expected to participate. In order to provide the maximum enjoyment of each guest, please observe the following guidelines:
1. Clothes: Nudity is expected, conditions permitting. Nudity is required at all times in the pond, or hot tub.
2. Conduct: Good conduct is expected. Overt displays of sexuality are not permitted. Vulgar language will not be tolerated.
3. Towels: Please carry and sit on your own towel at all times. (We provide towels.)
4. Pets: No pets are permitted at Nuance B&B. (Gaia is the resident cat and Bella is the resident Golden Retriever. Both are very friendly with humans. 
5. Swimming: Safety signs posted at the pond and spa must be obeyed. No glass beverages are allowed in the area of the pond.
6. Hot Tub: Please shower with hot water and soap before entering the hot tub. No glass containers are allowed in the area of the hot tub. Please replace the cover when you leave.
7. Trash: Please place all trash in appropriate containers. Containers for recyclables are found in rooms, underneath the sink in the bar and kitchen.  Please recycle.
8. Smoking: Nuance B&B is smoke-free. Smoking/vaping is permitted inside guest vehicles or by Bocce court at the designated shelter only.
9. Alcohol: We do not have a license to sell alcohol. Guests are permitted to bring their own alcoholic beverages. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted.
10. Drugs: The possession, use or sale of illegal drugs is not permitted.
11. Cameras: You may take pictures of you and your partner, the premises, wildlife and surroundings.  No pictures of other guests is permitted without express permission.
12. Firearms: Firearms are not permitted on the premises.
13. Speed Limit: 8 MPH. Watch for animals, bicycles, pedestrians, and flying monkeys.
14. Radios: Radios, televisions and CD players may be used provided the volume is kept low. Earphones are suggested in common areas.
15. Quiet Time: Quiet time runs from 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. weekdays, and midnight and 8:00 a.m. on weekends.
16. Fires: Open fires are permitted only in approved areas.
17. Boating: Boats, SUPs, or kayaks are available for use on the Nuance pond.
18. Chairs: Chairs and chaise loungers are provided at the pond deck and on the main deck.
19. Parking: Guest vehicles, upon unloading should be moved to the guest parking area behind the garage.
20. Solicitation : Permitted only with the prior consent of the innkeeper.
21. Refunds: Fees are not refundable if a person is asked to leave for a rule violation.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates must be presented at check-in along with a valid driver’s license. Gift certificates are transferable. Any remaining amount on gift certificates can be used at a later day up to the expiration date. Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.