Library at Nuance B&B

The Library at Nuance is an important part of the ambiance and value system at Nuance.  While some guests will swim, hike or run on the property, others may wish to settle into a comfortable chair by a window or out on the deck and retreat into the magic of a great book.

The collection at Nuance includes classic fiction, contemporary non-fiction, biography, drama, adventure and poetry.  Works on naturism may also be found as are a substantial collection of “N” magazines (some with articles written by Bill).

We invite you to peruse the collection at Nuance…we are always getting new works in and we hope you’ll find something that will stimulate your mind as much as being in contact with nature Nuance stimulates the senses!

Bill Schroer’s Publications

Shame We’re still Dealing with Body Shame (PDF)

ArtPrize Sculpture Offers Snapshot of Culture (PDF)

Advice for a Good Life Story (PDF)

Life is about pursuing a passion-find yours (PDF)

Michigan and Slippery Slope of Bigotry (PDF)

Michigan Needs a Nude Beach-April 21-2013 (PDF)

Perfect Body-2 (PDF)

Nude TV Adds Sensationalism (PDF)

Nothing to Hide (PDF)

Recent Articles on Naturism

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In Germany, clothing is often optional (Link)

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Nude Yoga: the naked truth (Link)

Why Munich Went Ahead and Set Up 6 Official ‘Urban Naked Zone’ (Link)

Until Fairly Recently, The YMCA Actually Required Swimmers to be Nude (Link)

Nude Awakening: The Benefits of Getting Naked (Link)




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