The addition of a Solarium at Nuance B&B has proven very popular even as guests are not always quite sure what it is or what to do with it. When some guests have asked, “Is this a greenhouse?” I would say, “The solarium is like a greenhouse but for people.”

Technically, the definitions work like this:

Greenhouse: A structure, primarily made of glass or sheets of clear plastic, in which temperature and humidity can be controlled for the cultivation or protection of plants.

Solarium: A room built largely of glass to afford exposure to the sun.

The Nuance Solarium allows access to sun even on coll or cold days all year long. The Nuance Solarium is temperature controlled at 78F. In effect, anytime the sun is out, one can enjoy the pleasure of laying in the sun in the Nuance Solarium. While different plants which need to be kept warm will also populate the Solarium, the structure is primarily for people to enjoy the sun and have another warm, sunny venture to be nude, read, play a board game or just lay in the sun.

When visiting Nuance B&B make sure to take time to visit the Solarium!