The New Island Deck…Part 1

Last fall we began an ambitous project to convert the small (and eroding into the water) island into a multi-purpose deck. This involved transforming the swim raft into a construction platform and some tricky handling of large beams using a homemade boom to transfer from land to island.

The island “before” construction work but with pilings installed.

With help from Jan and Suzie, we cleared the island of all vegetation so we could begin the process of framing…then began the framing process…

Using a homemade boom to float framing timbers out to the island..

The process was tricky trying to align 2x10s in the water and get them fastened to be level and true! Once the basic frame was in place, things would get easier…but not much!

Roger fashioned a line so we could pull ourselves with supplies on the raft, ferry style over to the island.

The goal was to build the island in the winter so guests in the next summer could take advantage of the new structure. That meant building in the Michigan fall and winter! We worked to beat the freeze!

Roger and Bill using the reconfigured swim platform to haul materials and serve as a fabrication site…

The work to establish the basic frame using the pilings I had installed 23 years earlier worked….but involved lots of adjustments and modifications to the plan…..

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Bill Schroer

Bill is no stranger to clothes-free activities. He is a long time naturist and advocate for nudism/naturism, naturist resorts, acceptance of naturism on public lands and support for the right to be nude in one’s home and on private property.