New Additions at Nuance B&B…..

Great News! The pair of Sandhill Cranes that has adopted Nuance B&B as their home have just had two babies!

The adults are shepherding them around the pond and the property…..and won’t let anything get too close. The adult male crane charged a young deer who was getting too curious about the babies.

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures (when I can get close enough!)

Proud parents and babies…
New Additions…Chip and Dale
Chip…practicing perch on one leg-Showoff!
Dale is a little more thoughtful and deliberate. The brains of the outfit.

Bill Schroer

Bill is no stranger to clothes-free activities. He is a long time naturist and advocate for nudism/naturism, naturist resorts, acceptance of naturism on public lands and support for the right to be nude in one’s home and on private property.