SCL 01071

SCL 01071: Coming Soon!

Bill’s longstanding love affair with railroads and trains is being actualized with the acquisition of Seaboard Coast Lines M-6 Caboose…..SCL 01071. This 1970’s era steel caboose is being completely renovated and will soon be the first clothing-free caboose in the country!

In addition to completely gutting the inside from its former plywood interior, the new version of 01071 will have cedar walls, tiled bathroom, an elevator to take visitors to the cupola for viewing/reading/relaxing, as well as a comfortable bedroom with queen bed and an internet equipped living area with comfortable chairs and love seat.

This has been a two year process involving acquisition of the caboose from a private party in Rockford, Illinois, shipping via semi (wheels/trucks had to ship separately from the body), use of a 100 ton crane to set the caboose. Bill had to acquire ties and rails to build the section of track 01071 sits on and trees had to be removed to provide the overhead clearance needed for the truck and crane to lift the caboose into position.

The pictures provided below tell only part of the story…but will give you a feel for the work going in to make SCL 01071 one of the most beautifully renovated cabooses in the country…and also the only one visitors can stay clothes-free!

Stay tuned for the opening date when reservations will be accepted to stay in SCL 01071!