Current Status!

Have had many requests regarding our current status and wanted to update new and former guests…..we are still under lockdown until May 1 per the Governor’s Executive Order. However, we are working hard to be ready to re-open as soon as we get the green light!

My longstanding goal of paving the driveway is now completed. In addition, we are now adding a gravel shoulder to complete the professional look and support to make access to the B&B even smoother and more trouble free!

The paving team did a great job!
New Gravel Shoulder adding safety and convenience to the new drive!

Bill Schroer

Bill is no stranger to clothes-free activities. He is a long time naturist and advocate for nudism/naturism, naturist resorts, acceptance of naturism on public lands and support for the right to be nude in one’s home and on private property.