Gaia! A new addition to Nuance Naturist B&B


Very regrettably, a long time member of the household, Marsh….moved on to cat heaven late last year. Marsh was the best cat ever….friendly, loved people, great personality, followed me around when I went for a walk on the property, played cards…(not really), etc. Marsh was an all around great companion animal for over 17 years. I missed him a great deal and had not decided what to do about that.

Recently, a young lady named Grace contacted me and let me know she had bottle fed several kittens almost from birth for 6 weeks (whose mother had been killed)…and did I want one?
Guess that was the Universe telling me it was time to move on and get a new cat. Gaia is the result. Gaia is a genuine sweetheart, loves people and weighs less than a pound. If you visit Nuance you will now be greeted by a much smaller but still very friendly member of the household. Just try not to step on her. 🙂


Bill Schroer

Bill is no stranger to clothes-free activities. He is a long time naturist and advocate for nudism/naturism, naturist resorts, acceptance of naturism on public lands and support for the right to be nude in one’s home and on private property.