Early morning in August….

Air temp of 58f and pond temp of 75f…..means steam coming off the pond in the early hours….makes a swim even more invigorating. With the pandemic, Midwest nudists and those interested in nudism are learning there are places close to home to be clothes-free that can’t be beat…..at least in August!

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Nuance B&B Pricing and Reservation Changes for 2020

Nuance Naturist B&B-Pricing and Reservations for 2020 First, Thank you for a great 2019!! This has been the best year for Nuance B&B since opening in 2017. Stay tuned for more new features and activities in the spring of 2020! Based on demand and scheduling of rooms there is a new pricing schedule for 2020. Please check the room you are interested in for exact pricing. Rooms now start at $140. Also, for 2020 all…

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Memorial Day Weekend Plans???

We just received a cancellation…so if you are wishing for a clothes-free holiday weekend, give us a call. There are two rooms available and a weekend stay this weekend includes a free invitation to a Sunday afternoon cookout! Call now!